I AM not surprised that Councillor Kelvin Clayton would cause a stir about whether we should have a monarchy or not, at this time, with our MP Chris Loder.

A referendum would be a waste of time and money. Typical of a local councillor; they have short memories.

I believe Brexit went through the referendum procedure, and look at the time wasted by those who disagreed with the result.

I have a feeling that a surprise result about the monarchy would be treated equally badly.

Don’t forget, most of those in politics only believe in what they think will win the next election, and I am not sure those who want the monarchy would ever forgive the party that tried to abolish it.

I have to say I like our pomp and circumstance, generated by the royals, even if I disagree with some of the internal happenings.

I do not want to be like so many countries; it is nice being individualistic.

I suggest the sheep in our society should try it sometime, as it would definitely help bring back some common sense.

It would also be helpful if the councillor would concentrate on the serious local issues that need attention; or has he forgotten what he was elected for?

Alan Lindley, Bridport