A MAN who blamed his partner’s neighbour for the breakdown of their relationship hurled a jerry can filled with petrol and other items at his property.

Following the act of intimidation, Mitchell Barry Triggs drove his car into a garden fence and led police on a lengthy pursuit.

This came to a halt when the 33-year-old drove his car over a police stinger and crashed into a ditch.

Triggs, of Ashley Road, Poole, was jailed for 20 months at Bournemouth Crown Court for his crimes.

Tom Evans, prosecuting, said the defendant and his partner had been going through “something of a tumultuous break up” which he was “struggling to deal with”.

The court heard Triggs had been making efforts to rekindle the relationship with various gestures, including leaving flowers on her doorstep, but this “did not have the desired effect”.

Mr Evans said the defendant decided to “change tack”, with him holding the woman’s neighbour responsible for the relationship’s failings.

Triggs sent unsavoury messages to the neighbour prior to the incident.

On March 3, he went to the Shell garage in Waterloo Road and filled a jerry can with £53 worth of fuel. He left without making any attempt to pay.

The following day he drove to the Poole road where his ex-partner lived and came to a halt outside her neighbour’s home.

“He was heard revving his car outside so much that the wheels were caused to spin. The noise emitted was sufficient for a neighbour to make a noise complaint,” said Mr Evans.

He threw something at the neighbours car before leaving and then returning.

Triggs then threw various items including the full jerry can and a bottle of whiskey at the property.

Mr Evans said this was an act of “intimidation” and “threaten”.

The prosecutor said Triggs was “not content with his work” and decided to drive his car across the grass and into some fencing.

“The police were called and the defendant’s registration number was passed on, which was used to locate him,” said Mr Evans.

He refused to stop for officers and attempted to evade police.

This involved him driving dangerously and at “excessive speed”, said Mr Evans.

Triggs travelled at speeds between 50 and 80mph in a 30mph zone and went the wrong way round several roundabouts.

“His driving only ceased when he had no further choice,” said Mr Evans. “His tyres were stung by another officer causing his vehicle to leave the road and crash into a ditch.”

He was arrested and gave no comment in interview.

Triggs, who had eight previous convictions for 14 offences, pleaded guilty to dangerous driving, making off without payment, criminal damage and threats to destroy or damage property.

Mitigating, Kevin Hill said his client, who has emotionally unstable personality disorder, was unable to cope with a “bad break up” and he placed “the blame or at least some of the blame” on the neighbour.

Mr Hill said this was the “trigger” to the defendant’s “irrational decision made in emotional circumstances”.

“He does accept responsibility and he is sorry,” said Mr Hill.

Judge Robert Pawson told Triggs “you took leave of your senses”.

He added: “This was planned, it was motivated by revenge, it was intended to be intimidatory and it involved a threat to burn.”

The judge said the police pursuit involved “very bad driving” from the defendant.

Alongside the jail term, Triggs was disqualified from driving for 18 months, with a 10-month extension period so it the ban begins when he is releasedfrom prison on licence.