CAR meet organisers have responded to backlash over a number of 'car meets' that took place over the weekend in Dorset.

Local police officers, as well as officers from Devon and Cornwall Police and traffic officers, monitored planned events around Dorset on Saturday and Sunday evening.

Numerous cars were stopped and the occupants were spoken to by police officers and Traffic Offence Reports were issued to a number of drivers over the weekend.

Police reported that a 17-year-old girl was taken to hospital with serious injuries after a car crashed into a lamppost during a 'car meet' in Weymouth Park and Ride on Sunday evening.

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Beyond City Car Meets UK (BCCM UK) organised some of the car meets in Dorset over the weekend and the events were shared on Facebook.

The car meet which was said to have happened on Sunday evening at Weymouth Park and Ride was not organised by BCCM UK.

A spokesman for BCCM UK said: "We here at BCCM UK did not host any car meets in Weymouth around the time that [the crash] happened and we were actually by Lulworth in a car park; so at the time of this accident, we were alerted by members of the public that kindly message the page stating that if we were thinking of it as a location that night, not to bother and to find an alternative location.

"Sunday plans were not involving the Park & Ride in any shape or form.

"We were unaware of any disorder happening in this area until we spoke to the police themselves later in the evening. We have had contacts with the police the whole weekend and have tried communicating all our locations with the force.

"As an organiser of car meets around Weymouth over the past weekend, the majority let's say 95 per cent behaved responsibly and kept things static, this is also backed up by the local police force's statement. Here at BCCM UK, we do actively tell people not to be recklessly driving and causing issues for other road users. That's why we have stated the whole weekend to be a static car meet but some drivers can't help the temptation.

"We do try and use megaphones to try and discourage the recklessness of attendees but this doesn't always work. We have recently implemented such things as car limbo, which is another way of calming down the car meets and ensure people are driving safely and responsibly as they have to slow down for such things.

"This weekend's car meets overall went really well, and we tried avoiding anywhere with built-up houses with residents to ensure we keep local disruption to a minimum and try and keep the residents happy."

Neighbourhood Chief Inspector Ged Want, of Dorset County Local Policing Area (LPA), said: “The majority of people who attended the meets were well-behaved, but sadly there were reports of anti-social behaviour by a minority.

"Anti-social behaviour is not acceptable in our communities and we would like to reassure residents that patrols will be continuing in the area to try and disrupt this activity. Attempts will be made to contact the organisers of any future planned car meets in our area."