YOUNG people in West Dorset could soon benefit from a wider rollout of the Government’s first homes scheme.

This has just begun in the Midlands and allows key workers, local and young people to buy their first homes at a 30% discount.

In West Dorset, young people face an uncertain future as house prices increase year on year. This is why I have opposed initiatives such as a National Park in Dorset: concepts in which house prices are estimated to command a premium of circa 20 per cent! I hope this pilot scheme by the Government on first home discounts, as well as their 95 percent mortgage scheme will allow an entire new generation of young people, local people and key workers in West Dorset to own their very first homes here.

Following on from this, I know firsthand how stressful moving house can be, and I’m aware of the problems people in West Dorset face with land searches, especially where businesses are impacted. If you have been struggling with this, can you let me know by visiting my website. www.chris so I can understand this in more detail.

A free trade agreement was also announced on Tuesday with Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein. Amongst many other things, this will also provide a massive boost to British agriculture and fishing by cutting tariffs to British exports, greatly improving the marketability of West Dorset Cheese, meat and seafood.

This is certainly another step in the right direction and the G7 Summit, which will not be very far from us here in West Dorset, presents another opportunity for us to showcase the finest environmental credentials of our produce both here in West Dorset and across the United Kingdom.

Chris Loder

West Dorset MP