RECENTLY there was an article in the Echo regarding the blocking of access in the new harbour area in Weymouth.

It is just as bad here in Dorchester. In South Street there are several cafés which have spilt out over the pavements, totally blocking pedestrian passage.

When I requested an owner to leave a way through, I was told that I could go onto the road alongside. That is still used by traffic, rightly or wrongly, and is a rough surface for wheeled trolleys, pushchairs and heels. I trip easily and need a smooth surface.

Since we are required to keep a safe distance of six feet between our companions, closing access between the tables would appear to contradict the rule. Six feet will be ample for a path through outdoor café facilities, and allow legal passage for pedestrians.

I have always assumed that pavements are for the use of pedestrians, not the expansion of café facilities. Why should we have to take a more uncomfortable route just because a café owner decides to expand ?

Please may we take command of our right to use the pavement in order to avoid the road, once more?