Regarding the latest letter from David Gatehouse and other complainants about the uncut grass verges.

I totally agree that it is good that we support the bees and wildlife - however there is a huge difference about what areas should be allowed to become overgrown and what flowers will grow, and what becomes just a mass of tall grasses which distribute large amounts of spiked seeds that spew off of them and cover our pavements.

The vets in the area must be rubbing their hands with glee at all the extra money they will get from removing these spikes of grass from dogs’ feet and ears, and as we all know vets are not cheap these days.

Here in Wyke village we have two areas - in Shrubbery Lane and a small field just off Wyke Square - where the grass is now so high, up to two feet, that any small dogs whose owners allow them to enter these areas have a very good chance of them suffering from one of these seeds getting into their paws or ears.

Beside the council now deciding that they will only get the grass cut twice a year, when they do do it is not collected and is allowed to blow everywhere and we then get all the weeds growing in the gutters.

We pay enough council tax so surely all the areas of our town should be looked after and not just the town gardens, which are a pleasure to visit.

There are many visitors to this area, particularly old Wyke, and the council should remember that what people see they take back with them.


Shrubbery Lane, Wyke Regis, Weymouth