In his column this week, Chris Loder MP states he hopes the Government’s first homes scheme of 30% discounts and 95% mortgages will enable youngsters to get a foothold on the housing ladder in West Dorset.

Since the 1960s, anything that made money easier or cheaper to borrow caused only one thing to happen. House prices quickly rose to take up the slack.

This latest scheme is like pouring petrol on a fire.

Mr Loder fails to mention that as long as the well off can buy up perfectly good family houses as second homes, locals on average wages will never compete.

Sellers will obtain the best price they can for their property. There is nothing to stop anyone buying a private property to then leave it empty for most of the year.

Mr Loder, along with his three fellow Dorset MPs, should raise the problem of second homes blighting many areas of the UK.

There are plenty of houses Mr Loder, they are just not being lived in.


Doncaster Road, Weymouth