Did you know...there used to be a train station known as the Upwey Wishing Well Halt?

But, despite its name, it was not all that close to the well.

No trace of the so-called 'halt' remains today, apart from one clue as to its prior existence.

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The steps next to the railway bridge over the A354 near the Bincombe bend used to lead to it and are still there today.

The halt was opened in 1905 on the Dorchester to Weymouth section of the Wilts, Somerset and Weymouth railway line.

It was closed in 1957. Historians believe it was probably given its name to set it apart from the other Upwey stations despite it actually being quite a walk from the wishing well.

While we are on the subject of the wishing well - did you know it used to be known as 'the springs' until writer Hawley Smart dubbed it 'the wishing well' in his 1874 novel Broken Bonds?

Apparently the owner of the wishing well liked the new name and adopted it shortly after it was thought up.