A MAN has been jailed for two years after breaking into a Weymouth seafront hotel and threatening a member of staff at 'gunpoint'.

Ezra Puddy, from Weymouth, threatened the worker with the airgun at The Richmoor Hotel.

On February 21, 22-year-old Puddy stood on Victoria Street to the rear of the hotel and asked a worker to see a guest at the hotel - which at the time was being used to house the homeless, Bournemouth Crown Court heard.

Prosecutor Robert Griffiths said: "Puddy approached a member of staff at the hotel's rear car park and asked for a man who was residing there.

Dorset Echo: Ezra Puddy. Picture: Dorset PoliceEzra Puddy. Picture: Dorset Police

"The staff member walked away and later found a hotel window had been smashed with the defendant inside.

"Puddy was shredding the room to pieces and the defendant had a gun.

"Puddy then assaulted the staff member and pointed the gun in his face. It caused the victim great alarm and distress.

"The defendant left the scene and returned to a hotel where he was living - and was later arrested."

Puddy pleaded guilty to burglary at the first opportunity.

He also admitted using an air pistol with intent to cause unlawful violence and admitted assaulting the hotel staff member.

Dorset Echo: The front of the Richmoor Hotel from The Esplanade, WeymouthThe front of the Richmoor Hotel from The Esplanade, Weymouth

Mitigating, Alejandro Tascon said: "He has gone through a lot which has led him down a slippery slope of drug and alcohol abuse.

"He started at the age of 11 to numb the pain after he had been sexually abused by a known sex offender.

"He was taken into care, but he kept going back to his abuser.

"He was confused with what was right and wrong from an early age due to the abuse and did what he could to survive. This trickled into adult life, which has led to previous convictions.

"He now has a son and wants to be the father he never had."

Judge Stephen Climie said the attack was 'targeted' and due to previous convictions had no choice but to give Puddy a custodial sentence.

Dorset Echo: The rear of the hotel where Puddy smashed a bottom-floor window

He said: "It was a targeted attack and I've no choice but to give you a prison sentence because of previous convictions.

"You have a series of convictions which are indicative of a troubled past, which has not allowed you to be part of society.

"You will serve two years in prison. You need help but you have to find that upon your release."

Puddy was also given a four-month sentence for the firearm offence and one-month sentence for the assault, which will run concurrently with the two-year sentence.