A ‘DISGUSTING’ overflowing bin which was damaged in a fire has been replaced – amid concerns from residents about its smell and rats in the area.

Firefighters responded to reports of a wheelie bin on fire in a storage area at Portmore Gardens in Weymouth at 10.12pm on Sunday, April 18.

The bin was extinguished by firefighters. Yet the bin, which had partial fire damage to its lid, was left at the scene and not replaced.

Kenny James, a resident at the Stonewater-owned flats, said the smell of the bins was ‘disgusting’ and called upon the housing association or Dorset Council to replace the damaged bins.

Dorset Echo: The fire-damaged bin has now been replaced. Picture: Dorset EchoThe fire-damaged bin has now been replaced. Picture: Dorset Echo

Mr James also said the overflowing bin attracted ‘an invasion of mosquitoes and flies’.

Dorset Council, which provides bins for residents, has now replaced the damaged bin and cleaned the surrounding area.

Speaking before the bin replacement, Mr Jones said: “They were burnt out in a fire eight to nine weeks ago and ever since, they have left there.

“I have to sleep with the windows shut as I am sick of the mosquitos and flies coming into the flat and buzzing around. They also fly around my kitchen.

“It’s disgusting. My mate has had to use another bin to put his rubbish in.”

Residents had to use neighbouring bins to put their rubbish in.

Dorset Echo: The bin had overflowing rubbish and attracted flies and even rats, one resident claimed.The bin had overflowing rubbish and attracted flies and even rats, one resident claimed.

Mr James added he has seen ‘rats dragging rubbish’ out of the bin store and grew increasingly frustrated with the situation. He has seen at least two rats in the storage area, he claims.

Mr James said: “The council or Stonewater should have been here the next day after the fire, taken the bin away and replaced it.

“I’m sure a few residents would have called Stonewater to tell them about this. It’s not been emptied for about nine weeks.”

Mr James is pleased the bin has now been replaced.

He said: "I am happy that the bin has been replaced but I am not happy about the time it took. It was nine weeks and it was a health hazard."

Dorset Echo: The bin storage area where the fire took placeThe bin storage area where the fire took place

After being approached with Mr James’ claims, a spokeswoman for Stonewater apologised for any disruption caused.

She said: “We were really sorry to hear of the recent fire in the bin store at our flats at Portmore Gardens which caused damage to the bins resulting in problems disposing with waste for customers living in the flats.

“In response to the incident we have fitted new gates to the bin store area to offer additional security, but understand from customers that there are problems with the gate being difficult to open.

“We have a surveyor booked to take a look at the gates to see what remedial work is needed, they are due at Portmore Gardens on Thursday.


“Having spoken to Dorset Council on Tuesday, June 15, they have cleared and cleaned the area on Wednesday, June 16 and delivered the new bins.”

Michael Moon, head of Waste Operations at Dorset Council, said: “As soon as we were informed about the situation on Tuesday, June 15, we sent a crew the following day to clear the mess, clean the site and provide a new replacement bin.

“We’d like to remind people who live in flats or other communal properties to contact their landlord or housing/residents association if there is a problem with your bins.

“They should then let us know about any issues so we can work together to resolve any problems quickly.”

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