I’m sure the award of the George Cross to the NHS will be appreciated by, and a source of great pride to, all NHS employees.

But it does not make up for a decent salary that reflects the importance of the work they do – particularly our financially under-valued nurses.

Since 2010, MPs have had eight pay rises, amounting in total to an increase in salary of just under 25 per cent – or £16,500, just over half the national total average annual income.

Contrast that with the salaries of nurses whose pitifully small increases over the same period amount, in real terms, to a reduction of 10 per cent.

In terms of their contribution to the common good – one nurse is worth a thousand politicians.

If we really want to demonstrate how much we admire and value our NHS Angels, they should receive an immediate substantial pay rise and should be assured that all future pay rises are equal to or above the rate of inflation.

Perhaps our elected representatives might like to reflect on this as they wine and dine high on the hog in their heavily subsidised restaurants and bars.