South Western Railway must do more to provide a better rail service between Weymouth and London Waterloo.

I am currently sat on a packed five-coach train which departed Weymouth heading for London Waterloo.

There is no room to social distance! In just under two weeks the country is going to be leaving Covid restrictions in the past and our own common sense will be what keeps everyone safe.

However, trains will become a breeding ground for coronavirus with no safety measures in place. Train services between Weymouth and the capital are simply inadequate when more people are being encouraged to get out and enjoy the summer.

Already, people are abandoning face coverings. No enforcement of what is currently the law has been shown.

I fear that the combination of the eradication of measures and the lack of common sense shown by SWR will lead to a massive spike in cases in Dorset and therefore run the risk of overwhelming our hospitals.

By all means reopen the country, but it should be done with measures and some sense of safety. Just reinstate Weymouth’s pre-Covid rail services before Dorset is inundated with thousands of cases!


Dorchester Road, Weymouth