Chesham and Amersham....a message to every Tory in the country from the leafy glades of Buckinghamshire.

A message that should resonate with every Conservative MP in the south of England and here in the South West. Never mind the Red Wall, what about the Blue Wall?

Seats round here that the Tories have been able to take for granted under our rotten First Past the Post electoral system now stand ready to be swept away.

For far too long Boris Johnson and his bunch of merry sycophants have taken things for granted. Now leafy places like West Dorset, with its threat from the new planning laws and unwelcome development North of Dorchester and the market place insecurity to the livelihoods of local farmers of Liz Truss’s Australian Trade Deal will be high on the list for the new politics.

All it requires is some radical thinking and strong organisation from local progressive politicians. The elections on May 6 were far from being a Tory whitewash, despite their gains in the north. The Lib Dems and the Greens won significant seats in Sheffield and Oxford and Labour gained a whole raft of Mayoral seats.

And the Tories’ response? A wild scramble to put in place more First Past the Post in future elections! No-one can possibly dispute that a change to a progressive model of politics in Britain can only be achieved by co-operation between Labour, the Greens and the Lib Dems. Inter party rivalry no longer has any place in our national and local politics.

In Cambridgeshire the new county authority is now made up of Liberal Democrat, Labour and Independent councillors. A model that can refresh politics throughout Britain.

The other requirement to achieve change and deliver proportionality in all elections, which has already been delivered to some extent in Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland, is take the ‘nice’ out of electoral campaigning and insist that change actually happens. That requires uniting efforts to defeat the Tories in the ballot box.


Mill Lane, Charminster