I was one of the 5,000 people who signed the STAND petition against the development of 4,000 houses above the water meadows north of Dorchester - and in accordance with the council’s constitution expect them to debate this petition now.

This is a proposal which would bring around 10,000 more people and 4,000 cars into the town over 17 years, increasing its size by half.

It is so disappointing to read (Monday’s Echo p.2) that the council is proposing not to debate the petition now but to put it in with all the other consultation on their plan which finished in March until April next year - 13 months later!

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The public deserves more respect than this. We need to see the local plan consultation responses and the many reports missing from the plan and we need our councillors to debate the petition rather than put it on ice for months.

I hope that as many people as possible will support STAND’s demonstration at County Hall at 6pm on Thursday to show the Council how they feel at being treated in this way.