The pandemic has brought on many social changes: not just in UK, that will probably remain with us for the future.

Prior to the virus, social distancing and lockdown, many things were already beginning to change but the pandemic brought it along a whole lot quicker.

We have now moved on more to a ‘cashless society’ because it was considered safer than passing cash. I rarely see cash today when out shopping and that includes the elderly.

Our high streets were already slowly diminishing but the lockdown encouraged even more people to shop online.

Same with pubs and restaurants: more people learnt to drink and cook at home – though food deliveries also picked up. Supermarkets have done well out of this as have all home deliveries and services.

Also, landline telephone use went out as more people (including the elderly), learnt how to use Zoom in order to gain visual contact with their loved ones and for that they needed ‘smart’ technology and broadband which has now rendered the ‘home telephone’ obsolete.

Covid cancellations or repeats on our normal TV has without doubt turned more people to subscribing to online ‘stream’ viewing. I have just mentioned a few of the social changes but I bet there is a lot more.

I cannot see any of the above mentioned as ‘reversing’ but just ‘progressing’. New businesses need to keep up whilst others fall behind and diminish. I personally welcome all these new fast changes.