I have great sympathy for the people who have relatives lying in the Melcombe Regis cemetery and others like it.

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Visiting my parents and sister in St George’s, Dorchester, last week we were met with the same problem.

We know where our graves were, but could not see them and had to struggle to get to them. To our dismay we found my father’s grave covered with weeds.

St George’s had the same problem last year where I fell, but luckily did myself no harm.

I phoned the council but to no avail.

It is all very well going on about the wildlife, etc but to me it is far more important for a cemetery to look neat and tidy for those lying there and for us to be able to get to the graves properly, to keep them tidy.

The cemeteries look disgusting they way they are and to me disrespectful to the families lying there.


Claudius Close, Dorchester