A DORSET sculptor has had his work featured in London's Green Park as part of an environmental art exhibition.

Simeon Gudgeon's monumental sculpture, Luna, - three metre-plus high bronze sculpture, based on a curlew bird - has been installed just a stone's throw away from Buckingham Palace.

The sculpture appears as part of CoExistence, the UK’s largest outdoor sculpture exhibition of the summer taking place across London’s Royal Parks.

This exhibition, which has been set up across the green spaces of Green Park and St James’s Park from June 14 to July 23, is centred around 100 life-sized elephant sculptures. The 'herd' stopping in the capital as part of their ‘migration’ across prestigious sites around the UK.

The elephants are supposed to carry a message of peaceful coexistence with nature and is brought to London by the conservation NGO, Elephant Family, whose founder was the late Mark Shand. The exhibition draws attention to rapid loss of biodiversity, both globally and in our own British landscapes.

Mr Gudgeon’s curlew sculpture, Luna, has been installed amongst the elephant herd in the broad walk area of Green Park, calling attention to UK birdlife and rewilding initiatives.

Simon is well known for both his environmental work at his Dorset sculpture park, Sculpture by the Lakes, and his support of animal and habitat charities.

Mr Gudgeon said: “The curlew has been a constant source of inspiration for my abstract bird sculptures. The curve of the beak reflects the elegant curves of the neck and body making the whole sculpture flow. As a subject I was first drawn to it having watched them on the northern moors and their plaintive cry always evokes a visceral response.

“The name Luna was inspired by the similarity between the curve of the beak and the new moon. With the head elevated towards the sky it reflects an optimism in the future, just as the moon constantly replenishes.”

At Sculpture by the Lakes, Simon is working with Dorset Wildlife Trust to enhance the habitat for all species and has recorded 115 species of birds. He has previously raised funds for the Elephant Family through the sale of his sculpture.

For more information on Simon Gudgeon, visit: https://www.simongudgeon.com/