A SOCIALLY distanced seating plan has been introduced at Weymouth Pavilion, as bosses declare 'the show will go in, but in the safest possible way'.

Yesterday saw the easing of lockdown restrictions, including the compulsory wearing of face masks and social distancing, however, pavilion bosses have decided they will leave two or three seats empty between bookings for all shows over the summer, and ask audience members to continue to wear face masks in a bid to reduce the chances of infection.

Temperatures will be taken when guests arrive to see a show and cleaning regimes will remain in place.

Amy Robinson, marketing manager, said: "We are determined that the show will go on at Weymouth Pavilion, but in the safest possible way.

"We know people are still worried about Covid-19 and we want to reassure everyone that although restrictions have eased elsewhere, social distancing and thorough cleaning regimes remain firmly in place at Weymouth Pavilion."

For more information and to book tickets to see shows, visit the Weymouth Pavilion website.