I just want to write a little bit about the article about Weymouth looking a mess and shabby.

First of all, I am 59 years old, I’ve been coming to Weymouth since I was 18.

It’s one of my favourite places on earth and I would love to buy a property there but unfortunately I can’t afford to do so.

But one thing that I must say that let’s Weymouth down massively, and I’ve seen a change dramatically over the last couple of years, is the town centre.

I’m afraid it’s looking very tired and shabby and the choice of shops are getting less and less it’s such a shame because it’s a decent sized town centre.

It just needs some tender loving care and possibly put the rates down so people can afford to go into the shops.

The empty shops are terrible and I must admit I was there the first week in June and we saw the same poor homeless man in the entrance to Dorothy Perkins. He was there all week.

I know some people may be scared of walking up and down the street with so many homeless people being there all the time.

My heart sank when I knew that Animal have gone out of business as that’s a shock but I’ve been going in for many many years.

I know that’s not the fault of Weymouth itself but that’s just another shop gone that was nice to look round.

I will still continue to go to Weymouth but when I do tell people how beautiful it is as we always stay in an apartment on the seafront it’s so beautiful but I fear that people that go there for the first time will be very disappointed in the town centre.


Belper, Derbyshire