I would like to respond to a couple of issues raised in Ms Peter’s letter appearing in your 14th July issue.

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A cashless society: I suspect I speak for many people (albeit probably a minority) when I say I like specie in my pocket. More importantly, if I have £50 in my wallet, I know when it is gone that I have spent £50. It may have gone on trivialities but I know that they have cost me £50.

Whereas waving a card willynilly every time, unless you have a very good memory or ask for a receipt for every transaction many will soon get a shock when they see their bank statement.

High street shops/pubs: we are social animals. In particular, men like to visit the pub to meet up with mates and women like to meet up with friends for a coffee/gossip and indulge in a bit of retail therapy. It’s all about community and atmosphere.

Zooming: without a doubt this can be very useful. But have we become so insular as to want to stay indoors all the time? Do we not want to see our families and friends and where appropriate give them a big hug? You could I suppose hug the monitor but I doubt it would be as satisfying.


Dorchester Road, Weymouth