A MAJESTIC pod of more than 30 dolphins were spotted off the coast where they swam alongside a boat and jet ski for an hour.

The playful pod was sighted by Aaron Holt and his parents as they were fishing off the coast of Hengistbury Head on Sunday, July 18.

The car mechanic from Bournemouth said: “I was on my jet ski and my parents were on their boat doing a bit of fishing and next thing you know there were about 30 dolphins swimming around us.

“We followed them for about an hour - they weren’t interested in other jet skis, they just kept following mine.”

This wasn’t the first time Aaron has seen Dolphins off the Dorset coast, a few years ago he saw a pod on his jet ski near Mudeford.

“Mum and dad always say I’m lucky, because I’ve seen them twice now.

“It was lovely and it couldn’t have been any better - the weather was gorgeous and it was nice because there were not a lot of people around, which is great because it scares the dolphins off.

“They were just chilling and following my jet ski - it was fabulous and they were playing with the jet ski, bumping it with the fins. It was great,” said 30-year old Aaron.

Stunning photos show the interaction between Aaron's jet ski and the pod of dolphins as the family followed them for an hour before heading back to shore.

Twenty-eight species of whales, dolphins and porpoises are recorded along the UK coastline, of which fourteen are recorded in the south west.

In Dorset, the most common species reported is the playful bottlenose dolphins.

It’s not so unusual that some choose a solitary life away from their pod and occasionally seek out human interaction - a whole pod interacting with humans such as Aaron and his family however is a rare sight.

The Dorset Wildlife Trust keeps a log of dolphin sightings to ensure their prosperity in our waters - if you spot some be sure to record your sighting.