A MUM has thanked the 'special people' who helped her four-year-old son while he suffered a 'terrifying' seizure in a supermarket.

Wendy was queuing to pay for her shopping in ASDA, Weymouth, on Monday when her young son Logan collapsed on the floor and began convulsing.

By a stroke of luck, in the queue behind Wendy and Logan were a paediatric nurse and an off-duty paramedic who sprang into action and helped Logan until an ambulance arrived.

Two recently qualified first aiders from ASDA, security guard Scott Gannon and checkout staff member Maddie Furk, also stepped in to help Logan and to keep Wendy calm.

Wendy said: "We were queuing to pay and bang - Logan just went into a seizure. I can't put into words how terrifying it was. I completely froze and I didn't know what to do.

Dorset Echo: Logan suffered a seizure while in ASDA, Weymouth Picture: WendyLogan suffered a seizure while in ASDA, Weymouth Picture: Wendy

"I am so thankful that he was in the hands of very special people who came to his aid until the ambulance came when he was blue lighted to Dorset County Hospital.

"I cannot thank everyone who helped him enough and ASDA were so kind and looked after my shopping until I could come back and get it and they even gave us a shopping voucher which they didn't have to do.

"My neighbour came and met us at the hospital and got my car keys so she could take my car home from ASDA. Everyone has been so kind and kindness doesn't always come naturally.

"I am just so pleased that Logan is okay now and is back at nursery."

Scott, who has been working at the supermarket since the start of the pandemic, had never looked after a child suffering from a seizure before, and is thankful Logan is feeling better.

Dorset Echo: ASDA staff Maddie Furk and Scott Gannon helped Logan Picture: ASDAASDA staff Maddie Furk and Scott Gannon helped Logan Picture: ASDA

He said: "It was quite scary to be honest but we just got on with it. Being in security I've dealt with adults having seizures before but not a child and, being a father myself, it was not a nice thing to face.

"We made sure the area was free of anything that could have hurt Logan and then, once the seizure has stopped, we just made sure his airways were clear and got him in the recovery position.

"He started to go into shock a bit but we just made sure he was calm and comfortable. The mum was obviously distressed but we just had to keep her calm too. She came in the next day to thank us for what we had done.

"We're just happy that he's recovering."

Andy Lowe, the store's fresh hall trading manager, is very proud of Scott and Maddie.

He said: "They were both very calm and did not panic at all. They've both just recently completed their first aid training so to do what they did was fantastic. It was a great team effort."