Ranvir Singh had to fight back tears in an emotional interview with Love Island’s Dr Alex George.

The Good Morning Britain presenter was standing in for Lorraine Kelly on Tuesday morning's instalment of the ITV show.

Last year, The NHS doctor who appeared on the popular ITV reality show in 2018 was appointed youth mental health ambassador by Boris Johnson.

Dr George has been campaigning to raise awareness about the subject through his social media channels and various TV appearances following the death of his younger brother, Llyr, last year.

During the emotional interview, Ranvir said: “You are happy in your private life, aren't you? I know you do not want to talk about it too much.

"But everybody is pleased for you. You have got a girlfriend and everything.

"That must be a big support to you?”

Dr Alex replied: “Yeah, I met Ellie a while ago - she is brilliant and you know, her alongside my friends and my family have been amazing for me.

"There have been moments in this last year where I have really struggled."

He added: "I am very happy to say that.

"There have been times when I have had to say to Ellie, or to my family, that you know what? I am really struggling. We need to recognise that there is no shame in that and actually there is a great sense in being able to pull people in when you need them."

"You should ask for that support and it gives you resilience to deal with things.

"It gives you resilience to deal with everything - resilience is being able to bend and flex. Resilience is not a bull where things are bouncing off you."

Ranvir concluded the interview, Ranvir said: "I think you are amazing - thank you for all you do and all the pain you have carried.”

Fighting back tears she added: "I feel quite emotional speaking to you. Because I think of my own family. So thank you for everything you are doing."