Thanks to Looking Back regular Alvin Hopper for getting in touch with us after we published this interesting old photo of King Street.

Mr Hopper thinks it was possibly taken around the turn of the century, 1890 to 1900. He has pointed out some of the different sights we see in King Street today compared to what used to be there.

He writes: "Progressing down then left hand side of this street today, where the large terraced building is seen on the left, now exists 'King Edwards Fish Restaurant' with apartments above.

"The shop with its awning extended, in the photograph is also part of private apartments. Although the site of this, as in the photograph, was a one time a joke shop, and prior to that, a fruit shop 'Farwells'. Moving on down the street we see what is now 'Domino's' pizza delivery depot.

"This was at the time this picture was taken, probably a hotel. There was at one time a wet fish shop, 'MacFisheries' there in the 1950s. The next large building became the Royal British Legion, now a food outlet. Finally towering above all, Christ Church.

Dorset Echo:

Park Street, Weymouth, in 1911 with a view of Christ Church, which was demolished in 1956

"This place of worship was pulled down by 1956. Crossing the street to the right hand side we see some trees, part of the then entrance to the Railway Station.

Dorset Echo:

A pre war scene at Weymouth station as an Adams 4-4-0 awaits to depart with a Bournemouth bound train. In the background the spire of Christ Church a local landmark until its demolition in early 1957.

"Advancing up that side, we see two more shops with awnings extended.

"The first is roughly on the corner of Queen Street and King Street. Where today stands the old Somerset Hotel. The second awning is outside what is now 'Eats' convenience store.

"I believe there was at one time a Restaurant in between the 'Sun Hotel', now called the 'Tides Inn' and the store.

"Crossing Crescent Street, we come to what was once the 'Half Moon' public house. Next in the photograph it appears to be a sign saying Chemists, in fact it was a Chemists in the 1950s, known as 'Wrights'.

"The billboards are on the side of what is now a premier hotel, that at that time possibly part of a private terrace.

Dorset Echo:

King Street in more recent times

"The advert for the coal suppliers, Bryer Ash, referred to the coal depot and yard at the end of King Street, where now the traffic intersection exists.

"It was gated, and was sited below the old Melcombe Regis & Portland Railway Station."

Thanks to Alvin Hopper for this fascinating insight to turn of the century King Street.

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