Dorchester Town Council trying for city status: you are joking.

Admittedly we have some lovely places to visit. Military Museum, Tutankhamun Museum, the old court house where the Tolpuddle Martyrs were tried, the refurbished county museum. Pity about Judge Jefferies’ (the hanging judge as he was known by) restaurant no more.

South Street and Trinity Street only nine coffee shops and eight charity shops plus a few other shops. The public toilets are a disgrace for the 21st Century.

You go in sideways, your clothes touch the seats because doors open one side so they put the toilet rolls on the other side instead of the side the doors open. They are ‘tin toilets’.

You would have thought in the 21st century they would be ceramics like most other places. I went to Sutton Bingham – they were spotless. Dorchester is the county town of Dorset. Please remember all the visitors we get who need public toilets.

The one thing they will take away with them is ‘tin toilets’.