Weymouth resident Andrew Watson, in despair on receiving a PCN for overstaying the permitted 90 minutes in the private KFC car park and queuing area (Echo 6/8/21) should relax.

He has NOT been issued with a fine as your article states. He has been sent an invoice, dressed up to look like a PENALTY Charge Notice (PCN) as issued by the police and local authorities and backed by law.

Mr Watson was sent a PARKING Charge Notice (note same acronym) that is NOT backed by law. This private parking company would have to obtain a court order to enforce payment. They cannot send bailiffs to your door.

These private parking companies, members of the BPA (British Parking Association), are supposed to observe a rigid code of practice. Guess who pays for this organisation? Right first time.

These, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) money making companies will hopefully soon be properly regulated, when a private member’s bill, wending its way through Parliament to do just that, becomes law.

To include the queuing area at this KFC area as car park is disgraceful.

KFC stating they can only revoke three appeals a month is ludicrous. What about a medical emergency or vehicle breakdown?

Mr Watson should stop worrying and throw that “invoice” in the bin and ignore the automatically generated monthly letters threatening him with everything short of hanging.

It will cost them more to take him to the small claims court than the judge will award.


Doncaster Road, Weymouth