A 'CRISIS talk' is being held on Weymouth Beach today to debate issues including deprivation and the climate emergency.

The event, which starts at 6pm, will feature talks by Weymouth community groups including STEPS youth club, Weyforward, Weymouth Area Development Trust, Young People Engage Positive Change, Insulate Britain, and Extinction Rebellion Dorchester, Weymouth & Portland.

It is being hosted by the Freedom Tour - a group of young people from County Durham travelling around England and Wales on a two-and-a-half month journey.

The group has set up a stall near the King Statue to hand out flyers and speak with residents ahead of the talk.

A spokesperson for Freedom Tour said: "We will bring our tea urns, biscuits, smiles, and flyers. We will be engaging people in conversation to find out what they think about crisis and the state of Weymouth within the wider UK and human condition. What gives them hope and what are they wanting to change.

Dorset Echo:

"We feel let down by our political leaders and the lack of imagination about what's next. That's why we've undertaken this project to reach out and connect with as many people as possible around the country. To imagine a better future together.

"Now more than ever we need to come together. So bring your neighbours, your friends - bring someone who wouldn’t usually come to a community event."

All are welcome at the talk tomorrow - attendees are asked to bring a mask and maintain social distance.

For more information search for 'Crisis Talk! Freedom Tour in Weymouth' on Facebook or email freedomtour21@gmail.com