Copy of Letter to West Dorset MP, Chris Loder.

Dear Member of Parliament, the following paragraphs, describing how to tackle climate change, are from today’s IPCC report.

D. Limiting Future Climate Change

D.1 From a physical science perspective, limiting human induced global warming to a specific level requires limiting cumulative CO2 emissions, reaching at least net zero CO2 emissions, along with strong reductions in other greenhouse gas emissions. Strong, rapid and sustained reductions in CH4 emissions would also limit the warming effect resulting from declining aerosol pollution and would improve air quality.

D.2 Scenarios with low or very low greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions (SSP1-1.9 and SSP1-2.6) lead within years to discernible effects on greenhouse gas and aerosol concentrations, and air quality, relative to high and very high GHG emissions scenarios (SSP3-7.0 or SSP5-8.5). Under these contrasting scenarios, discernible differences in trends of global surface temperature would begin to emerge from natural variability within around 20 years, and over longer time periods for many other climatic impact-drivers.

As a constituent of yours, I am happy to do my duty and steer your decision-making progress in the right, scientific path, so please feel free to ask me about anything to do with this, the most important issue of our times.

I hope you follow the science.


Mountjoy, Bridport