We are being told that 75 per cent of our population entitled to vaccinations against Covid 19, have had two.

But that obviously means 25 per cent have not been.

In numbers, not percentages, that relates to millions of people.

We have not been told two jabs are a cure, indeed the government's own advertising campaign says we should still wear masks in crowded places.

The virus is still with us. And yet, they are encouraging people to travel, eat out, you name it!

Now we are being told that the numbers of students who have high grades have increased.

But, are they now qualified to fill any job vacancies?

Can they actually work without the support of a computer?

Are they hands-on, or keyboard typists?

All we get out of this government is, spin. They grasp onto anything that can be turned around as being positive.

We, the public, look on in horror.

We have a society which appears to be about “who you know”, rather than “what you know.”

We are all human-beings living on about 25 per cent of this planet’s above-sea-level land.

And we are destroying that.

Do we go about repairing it?

No, we look to Mars, as an alternative!

We the UK decided to leave the EU, where we were in a position of having huge influence.

Why? Spin!


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