A baby mouse who was born the size of a 1p coin has survived thanks to the RSPCA.

The newborn has appropriately been named penny and has been taken in by a surrogate parent.

Penny was left vulnerable after her mother was captured by a cat in Newcastle.

The cat’s owner contacted the animal welfare charity after she was discovered at home.

Penny was taken to the Pawz For Thought rescue centre in Sunderland by RSPCA inspector Terri-Ann Fannan.

The “miracle” mouse was kept in an incubator and fed goats milk on a tiny make-up bush before she was well enough to be introduced to her surrogate mother.

Trish Storey, a volunteer who cares for mice at Pawz For Thought, said: “There is always a fear that due to the smaller size of Penny the new mother may have rejected her – but in this case she happily took on her parental responsibilities and it was lovely to see.

“She really is our little miracle.”

Dorset Echo: Penny’s mother had been caught by a cat (RSPCA)Penny’s mother had been caught by a cat (RSPCA)

Ms Storey added: “Penny was so lucky to be spotted by the member of the public because she was so tiny and then the odds were against her.

“She has done amazingly well in the care of Pawz, which does a fantastic job and helps the RSPCA a great deal.

“It just goes to show that no animal is too small for animal charities like us to rescue and rehabilitate.”

Penny is now around 10 days old and is recovering well. She will be available for adoption when she is older.