WEYMOUTH and Portland are an important part of the Jurassic Coast, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site of very special interest.

The abuse of this fragile environment, with huge trucks going back and forth, is already out of control without the extreme increase in traffic this “project” represents.

The company pushing for this, which has already been turned down once, (so just what is their agenda?), says in order to break even, a minimum of 72 huge trucks full of waste would have to arrive every day.

That minimum means a minimum of 144 more trips on the already-beleaguered road system every day and that does not even take into consideration where the claimed 500 workers are going to come from and where they will park on the overcrowded port area?

All of Dorset does not even produce enough waste to feed a giant incinerator, which spells yet more industrial traffic coming in from goodness knows where.

And it has been noted there is a serious lack of information about just who will police this kind of project, holding all involved responsible. There is also a severe shortage of truck drivers; where are all those going to come from? Food, not dirty fuel!

The only route in and out of Portland has many schools along it, which means yet more potential danger for our children. Summers here are busy with holiday makers adding to the traffic issues; so many huge juggernauts are just going to make it all that much worse and in spite of that, local businesses need that trade, but when word gets out about an incinerator on Portland, what kind of impact is that likely to have on bringing tourists here? And what about all those who come here to sail, SUP, dive, windsurf and kitesurf?

At a time when the world is finally waking up to how bad this yearn to burn really is, about cutting back on all of the things people are doing to bring death to the environment - and considering the fragility of the sea environment along the Jurassic Coast - why would anyone consider burning rubbish on any part of the historically and environmentally important place?

The waste stream must be drastically reduced, not old fashioned technology burning it.

In other words, Powerfuel, this is wrong at every level, so please GO AWAY!

Dr. AA Collier Morriss, Wyke Regis,