A LOST track from a popular Weymouth band from the past has been rediscovered and is set to to be officially released this autumn.

Crystal Ship performed during the late 1960s and would regularly play at The Middle Earth and Speakeasy in London - as well as many Dorset gigs, including at the Weymouth and Dorchester Steering Wheel Clubs.

The band recorded a few demo tracks in London, most of which have been lost in the passing years. However, one track, called The Blue Man Runs Away, written by the band in conjunction with Pete Brown (who wrote for many bands at the time including Cream) has been rediscovered by a recording company called Cherry Red Records.

The record company are set to release a 5 CD set of 'psychedelic' 60s songs many by famous names from the past - and have requested that The Blue Man Runs Away be included in this set as a previously unreleased song.

The band has, in recent years, reformed as Crystal Ship Relaunched, following a local band reunion at The Centenary Club, Jubilee Close.

Dorset Echo: Crystal Ship RelaunchedCrystal Ship Relaunched

The current band line up includes Alan Hodder and Phil Biggs who were in the original Crystal Ship, who will joined by Alan Morris for photos at The Centenary Club on August 25.