I refer to the press release from Dorset Council on the Future of Bus Services which announced the survey that “has been launched to gain feedback on what residents think about bus services in the County and what can be done to improve them”.

The press release gave full details of how to complete the survey online, but omitted to advise how those people without access to a computer can obtain a paper copy of the survey.

We have now been advised that:- “Support will be provided at the Customer Access points in the Libraries situated in Dorchester, Weymouth, Wareham and Wimborne, and at the access points open at Nordon Lodge in Blandford and the reception in Bridport Town Council.

They won’t hold paper copies but will:

1. Initially direct customers to the Public Access computers in line with the Council’s Digital First approach. If they can then complete the survey on-line that’s fine.

2. If they are unable to do that then a customer service agent will download a paper copy from the website for them.”

We have also been advised that, for those people unable to attend the “Customer Access” points, a dedicated telephone number will be available for ordering a paper copy of the survey. At the time of writing, we do not know the telephone number, so suggest people telephone the Dorset Council switchboard, 01305 221000, so they can be transferred to the correct department.

The survey closes on Friday 27 August, and we urge anyone who relies on local public transport and wishes to see improvements to the existing service to take advantage of this opportunity to express their views.


West Dorset Western Area Transport Action Group