Our MP (Chris Loder-West Dorset) has branded people who object to the practices of Mcdonalds as privileged.

For several reasons I find this seriously worrying.

While the theme of his column seems a desperate attempt to justify our nation’s unnecessary overconsumption of meat, without a word of explanation of how the soya protein animal feed production contributes through deforestation and soil degradation to catastrophic climate change, he praises Mcdonalds for opting to buy some Red Tractor meat!

Red tractor has little if anything to do with Soya feed and to suggest that soya meal is just a bi-product of soya production is diversive.

I’m no vegetarian, but I am privileged. I am privileged to know that climate change is the single most important fact that must currently be addressed by our goverment.

By trying to suggest that objectors to excessive meat eating are unpatriotic and privileged he’s trying to ridicule those people who may actually be advocating actions which can contribute to climate change solutions is grossly irresponsible!

If we start pitting one part of society against another we’ll ignore the common enemy.