Every year, about this time, we receive calls concerning the very slow flow rate of the river Wey especially at the lower end near Radipole village.

The reason is not a lack of rainfall but a great influx of visitors during July and August all consuming water.

Wessex Water extracts supplies from the chalk aquifer in the hill above Upwey.

This is then pumped into reservoirs at the top of the hill and fed by gravity to supply Weymouth and Portland.

Incidentally a new additional reservoir was built a few years ago to meet demand.

The situation this year has been exacerbated by the increased number choosing to holiday in the UK and Weymouth is no exception.

Wessex Water do monitor the river taking care not to extract too much which would cause the river to stop flowing altogether.

For more information contact The River Wey Society through their website.


Publicity Officer, The River Wey Society