A WEYMOUTH woman who caused unnecessary suffering and 'extreme neglect' to animals she owned is today appealing her sentence.

Deanna Pritchard, aged 40, was given a 12-month community order and banned from keeping any animal for five years after admitting offences involving eight animals at Weymouth Magistrates Court earlier this year.

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The court heard how she failed to give basic care to eight animals between August 1 and August 27 last year, which included a pregnant cat, and a royal python and corn snake - both of which were put down due to the 'bad condition' they were left in, the court was told.

She also admitted extreme neglect to three chickens which were found with mites, while a fourth chicken was found dead due to mite infestation.

The court heard Pritchard tried to blame one of her children for the condition a hamster was found in, after RSPCA officers visited her home in Meadow Close.

Pritchard was set to appear at Bournemouth Crown Court today for her appeal hearing, but court staff have informed the case has now been moved to October 1.