While Dorset Council declared a climate emergency, no steps appear to have been taken in the council planning department or in Dorset Council policy of having to include mandatory renewable energy that will reduce carbon emissions in the many new build homes being built all around the county - solar pv, home ev charging points and air source heat pumps.

Now either Dorset Council do not have the political will to do this,or they are not educated enough to make the decision to enforce mandatory fitting, or they want to achieve the absolute minimum epc standards which are not set that high and therefore produce inefficient poor quality expensive housing that is not carbon efficient.

Dorset Council is also making poor decisions about future proofing the tax payers’ ongoing energy commitments by not buying into solar energy and other renewable energy products on suitable buildings that the tax payers own and pay for, this is probably because of a lack of knowledge and not being forward thinkers to safeguard future energy needs and costs to the tax payer as energy prices rise, and carbon taxation becomes a future issue.

Please tell me that Dorset Council has a plan to reduce carbon emissions, or are they just going to continue to stick their heads firmly in the sand for the foreseeable future and kick the can down the road while being full of bluster.


Corfe Mullen