I have to say I am surprised by all who are angered by the proposed tax/NI hike proposed by the PM.

I’m not happy about having to pay a higher rate of National Insurance and/or tax but I do understand why it is necessary.

Furthermore, while yes the Conservatives pledged not to raise taxes in their manifesto but 2020 was a shock to most.

Taxes have paid the wages of over two thirds of the British population for several months, paid for the enormous amount of PPE equipment, helped companies who have lost revenue with grants, covered the cost of school dinners for children schooled at home, funded research and production of vaccinations and numerous other incentives, grants, loans, etc.

I do not forget that a great number of people fell through the cracks in these schemes and many felt monies given was either too low or did not last as long as it should.

How else is the Government supposed to pay for its unprecedented spending other than by raising taxes/NI? I don’t doubt that Johnson and his cabinet could have handled the pandemic better and provided support to those who were not included, but please - this was a global pandemic which saw most countries’ resources depleted very quickly.

Taxes are by definition the main source of income for governments around the world; nobody planned for a pandemic but please be fair - no promise made before March 2020 can be realistically held to account when that promise is broken due to Covid.



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"Do you think national insurance tax should go up to pay for health and social care?"

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Robby Gibson

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Yes. Covid pandemic was not on the agenda when the government made it's election pledge. In order to straighten the finances we all must pay our bit. And starting with social care and the NHS shows that we are a responsible compassionate society.