What a depressing picture of Vearse Farm at Bridport; 14 or 15 fields surrounded by hedgerows and trees, all contributing to our welfare in so many ways, which developers want to cover in housing.

People wishing to move to Dorset are probably doing so for the lovely countryside, pretty villages and interesting small towns, not for urban sprawl.

Property firms used to show prospective buyers what houses were available, now they want to get developers to build more and more housing estates to fill the gaps. As there is little work in west Dorset, houses are being built for retirees, and young people looking for a reasonably priced house if they have local work or commute to a town, have no chance of affording the sky high prices; since we all know that developers always build far fewer affordable houses than the council requests.

It seems that Dorset has already met the Government’s requirements for housing with what is built and what is being planned, yet the council seems happy to continue damaging the countryside whenever and wherever developers wish, regardless of infrastructure; such as the water supply and sewage disposal – rivers around the country are running dry and being polluted due to over extraction and sewage pollution, as one point. The councils don’t make much money out of the environment, but from developers…??