Oh dear! Where has Cllr Harris been all this time?

He asks WHY are we being asked to help with paying for Health and Social Care. Maybe he’s been on a different planet from all of us and hasn’t experienced the awful pandemic of COVID! (Letters 9th Sept).

This is so typical these days.

Not one mention of all the money that was poured out to help us cope.

Just think back a few years and the massive amount of money which was available to Boris to pay for all the things that he promised us, including Health and Social Care. But then Covid reared its ugly head which not only used all that money, but then we had to borrow, and borrow high. None of us saw this coming at the last general election.

Now we have to pay some of it back. So instead of whinging and complaining Cllr Harris, try thanking the government for helping us through this terrible time, try to understand why Boris cannot keep some of those promises he made and so had no choice but to ask us to help with Health and Social Care. If it’s obvious to me, then it certainly should be obvious to you. The answer to your question is COVID.


Drake Avenue, Chickerell