Readers with long memories will recall that I have periodically waged a campaign in these pages to bring a measure of sanity to the idiosyncratic lunacy that is Weymouth Railway Station; one of the very few stations in the world that is completely cut off from the local bus network.

However, I now learn that exciting redevelopment plans are afoot to end this unique and much loved phenomenon. Under the plans I note that 4 of the 17 local bus routes will call at the station.

Uh?! I applaud this progress but if you are unfortunate enough to live on one of the 13 other routes you still have to lug your heavy trunk to the Statue like you are competing in an Ironman competition. Come on people, do it right! Demolish Greggs, Halfords, Sports Direct and the petrol station, and get every bus to call at the station.

(Incidentally, what contradictory environmental message does it give out to passengers alighting from a train that the first thing they trip over is a petrol pump?).

Traffic around Weymouth is virtually gridlocked and yet buses are rarer than teeth in Boris Johnson’s comb. More decent bus services, means less cars. Duh! And any council that authorises a motorway along the Fleet should be locked up in the darkest dungeon in the Nothe and flogged with used bus tickets until they recant their sins and solemnly swear that not a single blade of grass will be harmed along that unique and glorious stretch of Weymouth.


Almere, The Netherlands