It's a small world isn't it? Or maybe more likely that Weymouth has to be one of the 'smallest' substantially sized towns around!

A few weeks ago we featured this photo of Weymouth Miniature Railway in Looking Back.

It was a delight to hear from Derek Amey, who recognised himself in the photo above!

He said: "The lad stood up by the driver was me!My cousin John and elder brother David (shielding his eyes) are also on the train.

"I was about 8 at the time, I found the postcard on Ebay and what a buy when I realised who was riding on the train!"

Mr Amey thinks the photo was taken by Weymouth photographers Herberts - which was sold on to postcard makers.

Dorset Echo:

He explained the route of the miniature railway.

"You can see where it started from in one of the photos, it ran under the old railway bridge alongside to the back water, then into a loop and back again must have taken about 10/15 minutes.

Dorset Echo:

"It had its own turntable to turn the engine around for the next trip.

"As for the old railway bridge or viaduct that ran across the back water, with hindsight, we could have had one of the finest steam railway tracks in England, running from Weymouth to Portland but then we would not have the wonderful walk we have with the "Rodwell Trail."

Dorset Echo:

Thanks so much to Mr Amey for getting in touch with these mini railway memories!