Bridport have done it again after the Covid rest, and have given us a wonderful day out at the Millenium Green – food, drink, cakes, cream teas and a bar.

Music, Morris men, entertainment whilst you had a picnic or just watched, in a real family atmosphere.

Lots to see, especially brilliantly made hats – yes – thank you for a brilliant day out at your hat festival (and free car parking).

Another tradition Bridport produces is the torchlight procession from Bucky Doo Square to West Bay. A well organised ‘do’ with so many walks of life taking part in the parade, raising much needed funds. Quite spectacular. BUT it’s in jeopardy. The organisers are being denied permission to close a small part of the road for ½ hour – Why? When they close a whole road for the Folk Festival and food weekends.

They close parts of roads for military parades, Pride parades, etc. Then the Ironman – loads of roads in Weymouth, Dorchester and surrounding countryside for most of the day. My relatives have no access in or out of their home from 7am till 12.30pm – the limited access to surrounding roads. Yet – they are denying Bridport organisers closing part of the road (at night, less traffic) for half an hour.

Can someone please explain to me the difference or is it just because it’s Bridport!!

Please consider again – we cannot afford to lose this tradition.

A Weymouth supporter of Bridport