Good Morning Britain presenter Richard Madeley has faced criticism from ITV viewers following a controversial comment he made on Monday morning’s instalment of the show.

The TV presenter has come under fire after describing Africa as a country during a discussion about vaccines abroad with Gordon Brown.

While discussing the vaccine rollout to other countries, Richard said: "It's not just loading these boxes onto plans and flying them out to countries like Africa, we've got to have the infrastructure to be able to deliver the jabs haven't we."

Gordon Brown replied: "Yes we've been working on that as well and we're getting the money to give it to African countries so that they can build up their ability to administer the vaccines not just in the cities but in the rural areas and the small towns."

Co-host Susanna Reid added: "I think people watching might think, well hang on a moment, we hadn't expected to do vaccinations of young people and we hadn't expected to do the booster jabs.

"There was a hope that a double jab might be enough, is there a reason to be a little bit cautious about those jabs we have in reserve because there may be other reasons we might need to use them?"

Good Morning Britain viewers fume at Richard Madeley

Richard’s controversial comment drew criticism from Good Morning Britain viewers who took to social media to share their thoughts.

One viewer tweeted: “’Third world’ ‘countries like Africa’ – not sure Richard Madeley belongs on TV in 2021.”

A second viewer of the ITV breakfast show said: “Is TV land that barren and devoid of talent that Richard Madeley is the only option for #GMB to have as presenter ???”

A third said: “Ignorant, uneducated , Richard Madeley should know countries like Africa are now labelled ‘Developing Countries’ NOT ‘third world’”

“Heard Richard Madeley call Africa a country on live TV.” Added a fourth.

Good Morning Britain airs weekdays on ITV1 from 6am.