KEEP clear of the tracks! One of the most popular restaurants in the Bridport area has secured another unique seating area for its customers.

The Station Kitchen at West Bay has secured a second carriage for its unique restaurant.

Having been transported all the way from Toddington Station in the Cotswolds, the new carriage will be used to serve drinks before and after dinner sittings in the original carriage.

The carriage has taken owners Claire and Ross Moore five years to find and secure. Once it is up and running it will be serving the likes of wine, cocktails and small plates and may even feature the occasional live band.

A spokesman for the Station Kitchen said: "It has taken us five years to find another carriage and it hasn't been easy. We can’t wait to share our exciting plans.

"It will take a good few months to get it up and running, it does need some of the Station Kitchen magic sprinkling on it."