CORDONS and barriers are in place of a road closure on a busy route as engineers carry out emergency repairs to fix a gas leak.

Wyke Road in Weymouth has been closed since 3pm on Tuesday afternoon (September 21) after SGN engineers responded to reports of a gas leak in the area.

A road closure was put in place between Lansdowne Square and Portmore Gardens where SGN engineers are at the scene assessing the area.

Barriers have been placed on Wyke Road near its junction for Cross Road, with access only permitted for local residents.

Visiting the road on Wednesday (September 22), there is a strong smell of gas in the air as engineers aim to fix the gas leak. 

It is not known how long the road closure will be in place at this moment of time. 

What should motorists do to bypass the road closure?

Dorset Echo: Road closure on Wyke Road, Weymouth. Picture: Dorset EchoRoad closure on Wyke Road, Weymouth. Picture: Dorset Echo

The road closure is causing disruption in the area as motorists divert around the shut section of Wyke Road.

Traffic maps have shown multiple delays and congestion on Boot Hill as drivers travel up and down the road and are unable to access Wyke Road. 

No official diversion route has been signposted but motorists looking to bypass the Wyke Road closure and head towards the Weymouth town centre can turn onto Cross Road from Wyke Road.

Drivers should follow the road until its junction for Buxton Road and turn left onto the road.

For motorists looking to get onto Wyke Road from Boot Hill, they can follow the reverse of this route. 

What is the latest on the road closure and repairs?

Dorset Echo:

An update from Travel Dorset reads: "Wyke Road both ways closed due to emergency repairs and roadworks between Lansdowne Square and Portmore Gardens."

A spokesman for Dorset Police previously said: "We received a request from a gas company at 3.28pm on Tuesday, September 21 for assistance with road closures at Boot Hill in Weymouth as it responded to reports of a gas leak in the area.

"Officers attended and put road closures in place. The gas company arranged for signage to be put in place for the road closures and officers left the scene at around 7.10pm."