Watch the moment Richard Madeley laughed at an Insulate Britain activist who stormed off the Good Morning Britain set in outrage.

Liam Norton appeared on Wednesday morning’s instalment of the IT1 breakfast show as the government seek an injunction against the group who have shut down the M25 motorway numerous times over the past few weeks.

The heated debate soon turned nasty as Mr Norton was accused of ‘patronising’ host Susanna Reid.

Susanna questioned Liam over the tactics used which included running out into oncoming motorway traffic.

Susanna said: “You’re talking about the M25, and vulnerable human beings which at any stage could knock you over.

“I don’t understand how this helps your cause.”

Liam replied: “That’s because Susanna, you’re an intelligent journalist and you haven’t understood what I said last week about what we do in the next three to four years will determine the future of humanity.”

“If you understood it, you might start to understand that a bit more.”

Susanna interrupted:  “Liam, just try not to be so patronising when you’re talking to me.”

To which Liam replied “It’s not about being patronising - it’s the truth.”

Watch the moment Insulate Britain activist storms off GMB set

Richard Madeley then accused the group of using ‘fascist’ tactics and questioned the impact of the protests on ordinary people.

He said: “You don't lose any sleep about the fact there is an elderly woman who is only in hospital, paralysed, because of what you have been doing?”

As Liam admitted he did, Richard continued: “So why are you still doing it then?

“Because it might happen right now. If your guys are on the M25 as we speak, there could be somebody else suffering a heart attack or a stroke, or some other fatal incident which wouldn’t be happening if you weren’t blocking the roads.”

Becoming angry at the line of questioning Liam stormed off set as Richard Madeley joked he was “doing a Piers”.