I WONDER what sort of people are driving. In a recent Echo, (Andrew Harding - Letters - Echo 22nd September) claims to have driven cars and motorbikes. I can add single seater racers, rally cars, fast road cars, HGV vehicles, fork lifts, planes, gliders and so on. So what! 

The basis of driving isn’t endless signs, directions and so on. It is common sense and awareness, driving according to the circumstances, at a speed which allows one to avoid people (it is illegal to hit pedestrians), and objects and allow for the unexpected - and consider other road users. It isn’t a race. 

The Queen Mother’s statue and plinth are marked by the correct signals, a white arrow in a circular blue sign. If you can’t see it then you are driving too fast or too close, are not looking at the right place (or need an eye test). You cannot complain that there isn’t a sign! Anyone who claims to be a driving instructor and claims the square is dangerous, should not be an instructor - or maybe even a driver. Instruction isn’t aiming and going, it must include 360 degree awareness, courtesy and consideration. 

As I have said before, there are no dangerous roads, only drivers who are not aware of their surroundings and want to get wherever they are going fast and first. I have coined an acronym MBIF: Must Be In Front. I don’t have time to just stand and watch at the square, but am always aware of people driving too fast and not understanding their surroundings and responsibility (or caring). 
Everyone needs to calm down, think of others and simply use their time wisely. 

Criticism without common sense is a waste of paper and ink. I write this letter not as a personal attack, so no-one should take it that way. Sadly the whole saga was started by one individual (a retired driving instructor I believe) which has kicked off others jumping on the bandwagon. 

Peter JW Noble