No matter your place of work or the size of your organisation, Marie Curie can help you handle grief better at work.

In a recent Marie Curie survey of 1,000 bereaved employees nearly half (49%) said that they couldn’t afford to stay off work, returning before they were ready, and a further 58% felt their performance was affected by grief in the months after the bereavement.

We have all been there for those painful silences and clumsy conversations. It is hard to know what to say when someone is dealing with grief at work, but a lack of support can make things so much worse in the hardest of times.

If you have been affected by dying, death and bereavement and need support, please contact Marie Curie free on 0800 090 2309 or visit to chat online or find out other ways we can support you.

We also offer emotional support if someone needs a safe space to talk.


Marie Curie Clinical Nurse Manager Dorset