HAVING just read the superbly reasoned letter from Lewis Gerolemou in last week’s Bridport News, on the yet to be finalised, draft access and movement criteria on the proposed Vearse Farm development, two questions immediately spring to my mind

1) Was a risk assessment of the cycle and and pedestrian routes from the Vearse Farm site into the town centre undertaken?

2) Will the local authority incur financial liability for the injury or death to members of the public who are persuaded (by the yet to be appointed) Travel Plan Coordinator to use potentially dangerous routes from the development into Bridport town centre?

Failure to consider/adhere to these two questions could have dire financial and moral implications, I feel.

Furthermore, can Dorset Council reassure us that the proposed pedestrian routes to and from the Vearse Farm development comply with the council’s own published guidelines “walked route assessment guidance?”

Richard Freer

West Allington